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Work complexity is out and simplicity is in

Are you too busy?  Someone asks you out for lunch and you say “no I’m too busy for a lunch break”.

There is a new trend that is growing in business as a response to managers, employees and customers being overwhelmed by increasing work complexity, information overload, and the stressful 24/7 environment. 

It’s called simplification.

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Meet A Recruiter

In August we were excited to host Meet A Recruiter in our Cairns office.

This is an event designed to give job seekers a one on one consultation with a professional recruiter.

Some fantastic information was made available, follow the link below for our tips & takeaway’s.

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Monthly Previews

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Each month we discuss our latest news, what is happening in our amazing region & much much more.

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Employer of Choice

Can you really be an Employer of Choice?  Yes.

To get there you need to spend time on planning and investing in your “people assets.”

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On-boarding Program

After a successful recruitment process, it’s exciting for your new employee to begin their first day on the job. Their impression of you as a good employer will be formed based on the way they are treated on that first day.

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Hiring in a fast labour market

Today’s employers need to treat applicants for jobs in the same way they treat their key customers. The old days of behaving as if you are “doing candidates a favour” by offering them a job are long gone. 

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