WorkPro is the result of years of market research and consideration within the recruitment industry, dedicated to finding a way to set a standard for the delivery of mandatory workplace learning and inductions for workers (from contractors to employees) in one simple format.

When you apply for a position, you are required to complete a range of general learning modules or inductions. If you are registering or applying for a role with multiple employers, and completing inductions with each employer, it can become a real drag to complete the same or similar induction time after time.

By using WorkPro, you can quickly and easily complete your required induction on-line, and then share your induction results with any potential employer, so think of your induction as portable from job to job and industry to industry. Once you have completed a WorkPro induction, you don’t need to re-do a WorkPro induction for another two years.

To complete your WorkPro induction, click here and register as an Employee.

Once you have successfully completed the required modules, you will need to email your individual CIN & PIN to your Temp Consultant.

Your Guide to Workplace Health and Safety

Safety at work is both an individual and shared responsibility and you must ensure that your assignments are performed safely without risk to yourself or your colleagues.

Precruitment will endeavour to provide with assignments that you are capable of efficiently and safely carrying out. But as we can’t directly control the workplace of our temporaries, it makes sense to remember the following safety precautions while on assignment:

  • Become familiar with each client’s workplace and safety procedures, especially if the assignment involves the operation of equipment. Ask questions when you are not familiar with any aspect of the workplace environment.
  • Make sure you understand all instructions before commencing work, particularly using equipment with which you are not familiar.
  • Be alert for any hazardous conditions or practices notify a supervisor of potentially hazardous situations. Most office accidents result from slips, trips and falls, lifting objects, punctures or cuts, and being caught in or between things.
  • If you are asked to perform a task which seems unsafe, or you are asked to perform work which was not part of your initial job description, call your accountants on call consultant.
  • Reduce muscular effort, back and eye strain by positioning computer monitors at a better viewing dis tance and adopting a comfortable working posture. Short breaks and gentle stretching exercises are most effective in relieving the strain associated with keyboard work.
  • if the assignment involves lifting, protect your back. Think before you lift remember to lift from the knees with a straight back.
  • Take reasonable care to co operate
  • with the client regarding health and safety issues and follow prescribed procedures to the best of your ability.
  • If you are injured while on assignment, notify your accountants on call consultant immediately.
  • Workers compensation may not be recovered if you have left the assignment during which the injury occurred and you have not notified accountants on call of the injury.

If you think a claim for workers compensation may be required, please notify us in writing within six months of the injury occurring and attach any medical certificates or other documents supporting the claim.

Though it is Precruitment’s policy that each employee be provided with a safe and healthy place in which to work, the success of a Health and Safety program ultimately rests on the willingness of everyone to cooperate and work collectively with a team spirit.