Letter of Appointment

Before the start of a temporary staff assignment with one of our clients, you will be provided with a Letter of Appointment which will detail all the conditions of your employment including your rate of pay.

You’ll be paid an agreed hourly rate for each assignment, determined by our client’s work requirements, your skills, and the prevailing Award or Agreement rates that are applicable. Your hourly rate of pay may vary from assignment to assignment.

Tax File Number Declaration.

A  Tax File Number Declaration must be completed by you and lodged with Precruitment. If we do not have a completed and signed Declaration prior to commencement of your employment we are required by law to tax you at the highest rate. Precruitment will deduct only those taxes required by law.

Payroll Adminstration 

Precruitment uses an electronic pay administration system called TimesheetsOnline.  This electronic system is accessed through our web site and it contains all your payroll documentation and information such as bank account details, workplace health and safety and so on.  It incorporates an electronic timesheet that is used to capture the hours that you work.

Once you have been allocated an assignment with one of our clients you will receive an email containing your personal login details to the Precruitment TimesheetsOnline Portal.

Once you have received your personal login details you should open our web site at  www.precruitment.com.au.  At the bottom right of the homepage you will find the Timesheets Online Login box.  Enter your login details and you will be taken automatically your profile page. Detailed within this secure page are your personal banking, superannuation and taxation details. You will be asked to verify these details so we recommend that you have them to hand prior to logging in.

Our Working Week.

Our working week starts Monday and ends Sunday

Bank Account Details.

Your bank account details must be entered into the appropriate section of your personal profile page in Timesheets Online.

Should your bank details change, simply access your personal profile page and make the changes. Whenever you make a change such as bank details the system automatically emails our pay staff with a notification of the change.

Your Time Sheets.

A weekly electronic time sheet in Timesheets Online must be completed each week.  Once you have completed and submitted your timesheet your supervisor (we call them your “Approver”) will be sent an email advising that your timesheet is ready for their approval.

Once your timesheet has been approved our payroll staff are advised that your are now ready to be paid.

Please note, you must electronically complete and submit your timesheet  no later than 9.00 am on the Monday following the end of each working week. The timely submission of your approved timesheet is vital to ensuring that you and all of the other Precruitment Temps are paid on time.

Please complete your time sheet accurately. If it is incomplete or incorrect or late, your pay may be delayed.

A copy of the your time sheets is always available to you through your personal profile page.
Should your assignment end mid week, simply complete and submit your electronic timesheet as described above.

When will I get my pay?

Direct deposit EFT enables Precruitment to deposit your pay directly into the bank, building society or credit union account you specify.

Precruitment processes and deposits your pay into your account following the receipt of your approved electronic timesheet. Your pay advices will be emailed to you. Your pay will be available on the Thursday morning following the week you have worked, except where bank or public holidays may affect this arrangement.

Any queries about your pay should be made directly to Precruitment.


Precruitment pays 9.5% superannuation on your behalf and in keeping with the Super Guarantee Levy (SGL) leglislation. As the SGL rate increases in accord with the Federal Government policy the increases will automatically be passed on to you.

Please note that superannuation is only payable if you earn more than $450 in any month.

Our preferred fund is the Recruitment Services Superannuation Fund (RSSF), which was specifically established to provide a superannuation facility for temps.  However, in keeping with the Federal Government’s SuperChoice legislation your superanuation payments will be made the fund of your choice providing, of course, that it is a “complying fund” as determined by the SuperChoice Legislation.

If you elect to use our preferred fund RSSF will contact you and provide details of your account soon after your first super payment.

Workers Compensation Insurance.

While you are at work as a Precruitment Temp you are covered by our worker’s compensation insurance.

Please read the notes contained in the Workplace Health & Safety section of Timesheets Online.

Payment Summary.

You will be sent a taxation Payment Summary at the end of the financial year. This certificate will show you your gross earnings and the tax deducted while employed by us. Let us know promptly if you change your address or contact details at any time during the year.

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