Charter & Ethics

The nature of the professional level recruitment business demands that we maintain the highest standard of ethics.

The Precruitment Charter details our codes of ethical practice by which we guarantee to abide. We guarantee to:


  1.    Treat as confidential all client and candidate information, not to use any information to the detriment of clients or candidates and not to process information indiscriminately.
  2.    Give honest and truthful representation of all information in all dealings with clients and candidates.
  3.    Always obtain prior permission before releasing confidential information.
  4.    Obtain references on candidates in an objective and professional manner.
  5.    Provide candidates with objective and constructive feedback following an interview with a client.
  6.    Not take any action that may jeopardise a candidate’s employment.
  7.    Not solicit, lure or entice candidates that we have placed within the previous twelve months or employees of clients with whom we have an ongoing business relationship.
  8.    Not to encourage or entice temporary or contract staff, or collude with clients to encourage temporary or contract staff, to transfer their employment from another recruitment agency to Precruitment.
  9.    Not attempt to prevent a candidate or a temporary or contract worker from seeking work from other sources.
  10.  Not engage in any form of collusive practices.
  11.  Not knowingly put at risk clients or candidates.
  12.  Adhere to the principles of truth in advertising.
  13.  Only advertise permanent positions for which we have permission to recruit.
  14.  Explicitly and fully disclose to clients, prior to the acceptance of an assignment, our Terms of Business, services provided and our professional fees.
  15.  Provide temporary and contract employees, prior to an engagement, with details of work conditions, the nature of the work to be undertaken, rates of pay and pay arrangements.
  16.  Notify temporary and contract workers prior to any changes being made to their assignment.
  17.  Comply with all legal, statutory and government requirements.