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Candidate and Employee Assessments

Precruitment employs the SHL suite of assessments. SHL is one of the world’s leading providers of integrated human resource technology solutions.

Assessment tools enable:

  • Increased efficiency in the recruiting, qualifying, interviewing and selection process.
  • Better hiring and promotion decisions.
  • Stronger defensibility against potential legal challenges.
  • Decreased employee turnover and associated costs.
  • Identification of strengths and developmental opportunities of candidates and current employees.

Skills Assessments

SHL Prove It! Software assessments provide full program simulations. This requires the test taker to complete an actual software task in a fully functional software environment. To enhance the simulation, all documented methods of completing tasks are supported, including menu bars, right-click menus and keyboard shortcuts. SHL offers various levels for testing ranging from basic to the advanced levels.

The assessments feature validated assessments for clerical, software, call centre, financial, healthcare, industrial, legal, and technical job classifications.

The complete and extensive menu contains over 900 validated assessments.

Ability Tests

The following ability tests are available by prior arrangement:

  • Reasoning Tests.  Verbal and numerical reasoning tests designed to assess candidate’s aptitude in the workplace.
  • Personality Questionnaire.  Designed to provide an accurate measurement of the “big five” personality factors, namely, introversion/extroversion, caution/confidence, non-structural/structural, benevolence/tough-mindedness, non-conformity/conformity.
  • Occupational Personality Inventory.  Delivers significant insight into the personality of individuals and how they typical behave in a range of situations, giving information on a wide range of managerial competencies.
  • Personality Interview Profiler.  Measure eight key traits of an individual’s behaviour in the workplace.
  • Advanced Sales Questionnaire.  Probes beneath the surface to identify an individual’s true characteristics.  Objectively measures character traits highlighting areas of strengths and weaknesses for sales roles.
  • Branch Manager Questionnaire.  A seven factor personality questionnaire and two ability tests designed to reflect the branch environment.
  • Customer Service Questionnaire.  A personality questionnaire designed specifically for recruiting customer service staff.
  • Rapid Assessment Questionnaire.  Comprises six ability tests which assess different abilities relevant to clerical and administrative roles.
  • Pre-Selection Questionnaire.  Offers a low-tech, accurate and defensible way of sifting large numbers of applicants.  The candidates complete a competency based questionnaire that is scored to indicate how closely they match the requirements of the role.

CAT Personality/Work Profile

The Work Style Questionnaire produces eight scales relating to aspects of personality that are important to working in most office environments. Candidates are given a list of 104 adjectives and asked to what extent the words describe them. These words form eight different scales, each one describing a different aspect of a candidate’s work style.

The scales measured include: dominance, drive, extraversion, confidence, social sensitivity, caring, structure and openness to change and their likely implications in the workplace.

WorkPro OH&S Induction Software

WorkPro is an e-learning and information management solution. It simplifies the delivery and management of learning and employee information, to ensure everybody is job ready with minimal fuss and repetition.

WorkPro offers a range of industry tailored learning and induction modules, and stores the learning assessment results permanently in the employees and contractors work profile, allowing them to share their results between jobs and employers, eliminating repetition and saving employers time and resources when hiring.

Panel Interview Attendance

To be valid, reliable and fair, panel interviews should have at least one member on the panel as an independent participant. Precruitment Consultants are trained in interviewing, questioning and verifying responses and are well positioned to assist in all pre and post interview activities. We are able to assist you to ensure that your interviews can stand up to review and are beyond reproach.

Outplacement Services

Precruitment, in partnership with Turning Point Partners, specialises in the delivery of fully integrated career management, transition, outplacement and retention services by providing exiting employees with the emotional and technical support to transition to a new role or new organisation as quickly and painlessly as possible.

In addition, Precruitment’s outplacement specialist can train the organisation’s Managers to effectively plan and implement the redundancy process so all parties can move forward with positivity.

Our outplacement service is tailored to each client and is designed to overcome the anxiety related to career change and to facilitate a smooth and successful transition to new opportunities.

Other Services

Please ask us about prices on Contract Negotiation, Reference Checking, Bulk Recruitment, Response Handling Services and Targeted Selection Interviews. These recruitment services are priced per project.