Daria’s Perspective

What Are You Doing on Purpose?

By Daria Campbell

Did you know purposefulness is a virtue?  At times, I find myself saying, “I am sorry. I did not mean to do it on purpose.” This is when I have possibly hurt someone’s feelings and had no idea, I was doing it.  But that made me think; when was the last time I did do something on purpose?

I am posing the same question to you today as well. Many times, we go through life hoping for the best. I have written before about setting goals and striving for your hopes and dreams, but we all have those moments when we are just going through the motions with no real intent.

I think at this time we should take a moment to think about how we can be purposeful. This will look different for everyone, but it is important.

Time flies. When you are a child all you think about is when your birthday and Christmas is arriving, you count the days. Then when you get into school it is when the next school break is coming up. Then when you are fully into the working world it is when your next paycheck is hitting your bank account. Next thing you know it is Christmas then May then Christmas again! The time goes faster and faster, so what are you doing with your current time? Your present moment? Your right now?

What is the difference between being purposeful and just setting goals and working toward them?

Here are a few ways to recognize the differences:

  • You are clear about what you are doing and why.
  • You can concentrate on what is most important.
  • You have faith that you can accomplish great things.

Purposefulness is more powerful than goal setting because it is fueled. It has energy and passion behind it. Purposefulness comes into play to help you with the ‘why’ and the ‘how’, goal setting can stall at the ‘what’ and go no further.  Goals may end up just a list on paper and nothing more.

Take a moment to think about someone you know or have met who has this virtue down cold. They will not be swayed or moved from their purpose in life even if they fall or fail, they get back up and keep pressing on. It is exciting to be around those people because you know they are going to make it. Even their haters and nay-sayers, down deep, know that person is going to make it. We may not know when, but you know they are going to see it to the end and accomplish their goal because everything they do, every decision they make is full of purpose.

I encourage you to cultivate the virtue of purpose. Start with the question, “what have I done today that was on purpose and why?” and if you cannot answer have a think about it and find your purpose. Then fly!