Daria’s Perspective

Can I Trust You and Who Do You Trust?

By Daria Campbell

I believe people take the virtue of trust and trustworthiness for granted. When someone does the wrong thing by us, and loses our trust, it may never fully be restored to its original state. The value of trust is often only fully appreciated once it is lost.

Trust is an important part of every relationship we have, even seemingly small ones. The trust between partners, the trust of parent and child, the trust of a pet owner and their pet, the trust between employee and employer, and the trust between friends.

Trust is having faith in a person or business, relying on, and believing in them.  I think the reason people do not think about trust too much is because it is so organic, you do not have to ponder on it, you just intuitively know it is there.

However, even though it is a sure and deep feeling it can be very fragile. Depending on our own personal filters and life experiences, we may find it challenging to trust others. The heart feels trust broken even more than the brain.

So how do we adapt trustworthiness into our daily lives and why should we? People need to know they can count on you, or what your business promises. That you will do your best to keep your word no matter what. This aids in building and strengthening relationships, improves communication, can increase productivity, reduce conflict, and promote well-being.

Being trusted is quite easy, but takes time, effort, and consistency. Just do what you say you are going to do and if you cannot then let people know. People find hearing the word no difficult, but it is better than making promises that cannot be kept, letting them down and chipping away at the trust.

In conclusion, take a moment to think about the people and businesses in your life you can count on, and express gratitude towards them. If you can, take the time to thank them personally and then try to be a bit more trustworthy yourself.