Greetings From Gayleen – November 2022

Greetings from Gayleen

– November 2022

The most significant Industrial Relations reform in more than a decade “Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill” is to pass through parliament and is expected to be implemented early next year. The intent is to strike the right balance between ensuring people receive pay rises and better conditions of employment whilst maintaining productivity and protecting the most vulnerable.

A concern for employer groups is the expansion of multi-employer bargaining.  Multi-employer bargaining is a way for workers from different companies in the same industry who aren’t already covered by an enterprise bargaining agreement to collectively band together to negotiate better pay and conditions. Employer groups are concerned that multi-employer bargaining provisions could lead to widespread strikes and high levels of industrial conflict and give unions undue power in workplaces. We shall watch this space; keep you updated and hope the repercussions are limited.

Every year for the past 25 years our Precruitment team has sponsored a family through the Salvation Army. What we do? We ask the Salvation Army to select our ‘special’ Secret Santa family who would really appreciate a helping hand at this time of year. They provide us the outline demographics of ’our’ family. This year it’s Mum, Dad and four little kids. We have a list of essential food and festivity items and also the family members listed to buy a gift for, and everyone just ticks off what they would like to contribute. We have, as is the case every year, been contacted by previous staff who would like to contribute to helping our family. After 25 years of this initiative, we have encouraged other businesses to do the same. We have had previous staff join organisations that have continued the tradition in their new workplace.  Every year our team say, they always think about ‘our’ family on Christmas Day and hope we have brought them some joy during a challenging period. I thought I would share this simple idea of giving so perhaps you can suggest doing the same thing in your workplace. It is not too late to get on board and there are so many families in need and so many families in crisis accommodation. We can all help to brighten someone’s Christmas with a little giving spirit.

Today we celebrate the eight-year anniversary with Precruitment of our lead consultant, Sandy Evans. Congratulations to Sandy, but more like the congratulations is to our team, our clients, and candidates who benefit from her dedication, service, and attitude. Sandy receives excellent feedback on a regular basis from our clients and candidates. We were sent this note just a few days ago and I thought I would share it with you, it says it all!

“To the management of Precruitment, just a short note to express my immense gratitude and appreciation to Sandra who has not only been supportive over the many months that I’ve been liaising with her but a real diamond in the rough, one who will go the extra mile to check on one’s welfare, send an email just to see how things are going. The odd call to follow up once in a position. Her professionalism is outstanding. Never in all my career have I encountered such a dedicated lady in recruitment. She is indeed an asset to your organisation.”

Thank you Sandy, for your support, your professionalism and loving what you do. Thank you to all our clients and candidates for your continued support of Precruitment.

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