Daria’s Perspective

The Value of Health

By Daria Campbell

“The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like and do what you’d rather not.” Mark Twain  

It astounds me how youth is wasted on the young. I include myself in this statement. When I look at old photos of myself or think back to my younger days, I remember how I took it all for granted.  

Now I am much older, and I realize how valuable being healthy is. Ask anyone who has chronic health issues. And the worst part is sometimes it is your own fault (bad lifestyle choices), and sometimes it is not.   

Good health is literally one of the things you just cannot appreciate until it is gone or jeopardized. I mean how many totally healthy 18-year old’s do you hear saying, “Wow I am so glad I don’t need a hip replacement right now. I am so lucky all my bits work perfectly, and I have no issues with my back or knees.!”  

It is only once we start getting older. I remember a “friend” of mine once said to me near my birthday, “It all goes downhill after 40”. I am still upset because those words cursed me. I started having health issues I never had before. Thanks heaps, pal.  

But then I had another person once tell me that it is in our minds. That if we didn’t have a measurement of age in place, things would be different. We would just accept our bodies for what they are and get on with it. There would be no excuses based on how old we are. I do try to think like that. But it is not easy.  

That is why whenever I see a sassy male or female silver fox, I take the time to tell them they look good. I know they are doing their best with the health they have and are winning.  

So, what is your point, Daria? My point is that you only have one body. I think we put way too much pressure on ourselves when it comes to our health. There is so much confusing, conflicting, and just plain scrappy information out there about health.   

I believe if you give your body what it needs, whole food, water and some type of movement you are going to be OK. If you already suffer from chronic or acute illness, do what you can to get healthy but sometimes it is about appreciating what does not hurt to take your mind off what does. Be thankful for what you can do and what parts are in good working condition.  

I realized one day that I was wishing I was as healthy as I was at 30, then I realized one day I am going to wish I was as healthy as I am today 10 years from now. So, I had better value the health I have now and stop taking it for granted. And with love in my heart I suggest you do the same.