Daria’s Perspective

Trifecta of Decision Making

By Daria Campbell

I once received advice on how to make good decisions. If you draw a triangle and write love on one side, wisdom on the next side and integrity on the 3rd, you will have a plan of attack.

I find that there have been seasons in my life where I just made one bad decision after the next. A lot of these decisions came out of fear, pride, or anger. None of these decisions are good.

You are blessed if you can recognize a bad decision, before any real damage has been done. Even hindsight is valuable if you are to learn from it. Like Albert Einstein is famous for saying, ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ‘

No judgements though. We all do it.  We are all imperfectly perfect.  Here is some good news for you though.  If you are trying to learn from your mistakes and avoid the bad decisions in the first place they become less and less frequent. There are things I have learned to adjust in my own behavior because I am far from perfect.  However, when I slip up, I have learnt the importance to ‘own it’ and then I can ‘fix it’, with my triangle in mind.

Getting back to how to make good decisions. Well, besides learning from your mistakes, and actively trying to not repeat them, there is the triangle I mentioned. If you take away any side of a triangle it collapses and your decision with it.

You need all three parts: love, wisdom, and integrity. Then you can stand confident in the choices you make.

So, when you are faced with a tough decision and you have weighed up all the options and come to your final course of action, before doing it or saying it ask yourself is this decision founded in love, wisdom and integrity?  If not, go back and find a decision that does have all 3 points, and then stand firm in your choice and whatever the outcome may be.