Daria’s Perspective

Creativity: Making Life a Bit Sweeter 

By Daria Campbell


I recently heard a story about a teacher who drew a dot on a chalk board for her high school class and asked them what it was. There was silence for a while because they were trying to figure out the answer or if it was a trick question and did not want to look foolish if they answered wrong. Finally, a student said that is was a dot on a chalk board. The rest of the class breathed a sigh of relief and waited for the teacher to explain.

What the teacher said was that she had recently asked the same question to a group of kindergartners who enthusiastically gave over 50 answers including a squashed bug or a star in the sky. Her point was that between kindergarten to high school, kids lose their ability to be creative.

As adults it is even worse. We get wrapped up in the idea of getting through life instead of adding wonder and imagination to it.

Creativity is a virtue, but it is also a power. Have you ever been around a truly creative person? Someone who can see things in a way you just do not and who creates something amazing from it? These people seem special, but they are not. Everyone can be creative it is just if you choose to be or not. No one is judging your creativity so there is no reason for you to hold back. Everyone is unique in how they express their creativity. 

But how do you harness your creativity if it has been gathering dust in a corner? And what is the benefit of getting your creative juices flowing again?

First of all, think about what gifts you currently have. Sometimes when you start working on one gift you know you have, it will spill into another gift, then another. For example, if you write poems, you may start doing so in a journal. Then you get inspired by your poems to draw little pictures to go with the poems, then from there you start making gift cards for people to just share your love and appreciation for them. You will then look back and say, “Wow, who knew I could do all that”.  And it all started with your primary gift.

If you honestly cannot think of a gift you have, then look at the gifts you would like to have. Take a class, watch a YouTube video or ask a friend who is good at ‘that creative thing’ to help you. Keep it simple. And be prepared for it not to be what you thought and letting it go. You can give up on that thing but don’t give up on trying to find your creative outlet, no matter what it ends up being. 

Creativity initiated in one area of your life will tend to spill over to other areas as well. You start to look at things differently. This is one of the main benefits. The more you use your creative gifts the more joyful you become. But the best way to use this gift is to help other people. Sure, you can stay home and do adult coloring books to your heart’s content but what if you and some mates start a game night or a book club. Or you and your co-workers start a walking challenge to get outside of the office before or after work or make a bowling team. This all falls under being creative.

Creativity is in all of us not just a chosen few.  But it takes each of us to personally engage it and share it.