Daria’s Perspective

Christmas: A Season or A Day?

By Daria Campbell

I have a good friend who bemoans this time of year and is happy to be called a Grinch or a Scrooge for it. She wears it like a badge of honor. She does not dislike Christmas. She dislikes people going crazy at her workplace for the other 20 plus days before Christmas comes. She staunchly announces that Christmas is a day not a month or a season.

She gets upset when on December 1st people are wearing ugly Christmas sweaters to work and decorating their desks and workspaces to the point of distraction by the lights and sparkle. She was asked to put some lights on her desk, so she put the lights on her desk, just still in the box. So cheeky.

I am on the fence with this. I know she has a point. People do get a little carried away during this season. It is like they overindulge in all areas using Christmas as the excuse (I am guilty of this too, believe me.). I feel like if you acted this way any other time of the year people would raise eyebrows but not during December for some reason. So, I say if that is your thing, go for it.

However, I do think that by being too self-indulgent we can lose sight of what really is important about the season. Before the new year starts December is also a good month for quiet reflection and thinking about what is important in life. While you are doing all that partying did you carve out time with your family, your kids, your best friends, heck even your pets? Even a simple get together can be amazing and full of cheer. 

When I lived in NYC I did make my Christmas holidays a full month because I used to get sad the day after Christmas when it was over.  So, I would plan things to do so that I felt like I got the most out of it. I used to take my daughter to see plays, watch Christmas movies, look at department store window displays and houses that were lit up at night. Whatever I could do to make each day a little special. Living in Cairns I do not have the luxury of Rockefeller Center any more just being a subway ride away.  So I have to use my imagination a bit more, but I still find ways to celebrate and embrace the season.

Whatever you are celebrating this season may it bring your heart joy. Even if you want to just do the one day. That is fine too because at least you are celebrating your way. May you all have a wonderful holiday and may the new year bring even greater joy.