Daria’s Perspective

Wondering About Seasons

By Daria Campbell

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”. Ecclesiastes 3:1

I used to live in New York, and we had four very distinct seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Even if they dragged on a bit longer than usual or were not as hot or cold as expected, you knew they were there.

People also refer to their life in seasons. You might have a season of renewing (Spring), a season of just fun and lightness (Summer), a season of harvesting your accomplishments (Autumn) and finally a season where you just want comfort food and to hide under your covers in bed (Winter).

But what happens when you live in a place where there are only two seasons?  Far North Queensland has only a wet and a dry season. We have slight changes in the temperature and the rainfall, but it is almost always warm if not crazy hot. I have been lucky. I have seen leaves change colors and I have seen snowfall so I can remember what that looks and feels like, but I literally must make myself remember.

When you do not have four seasons, you can find yourself losing time. One minute it is January the next it is December and you say, “where did the year go?” One of the purposes of seasons is to help break up the year. Of course, the downside to that is this never-ending cycle of always wanting it to be the next season. When you are melting in the summer heat you cannot wait for Autumn then when you are freezing in the winter you cannot wait for Summer to return and on it goes.

I think the key with seasons ‘of life’ is the ability to recognize them whether you have them in 4 or 2 seasons. To do this you sometimes have to slow down and take stock of your life. Ask yourself what is going on now and how does that look and feel as a season? 

If you are in a Summer season you are feeling very positive, full of motivation and have goals you want to achieve. Full of energy and confidence. This is a great season to be in but it can’t last forever, so enjoy while you are there.

If you are in an Autumn season you are kind of stuck. You can feel tired and ready for a change in life.  This season can be challenging but it is also the opportunity to review what has been good in your life and celebrate your wins from summer. Just like harvesting the crops and letting the land rest until the next planting.

If you are in the season of Winter, you may be cocooning. A time where you are quite introspective and focusing on yourself, your values and what is important to you now and how these can take you to the next level in our life. Remember you will be a butterfly when you come out of your cocoon.

If you are in the season of Spring it is a time where you might be feeling the need to explore, make changes big and small, meet new people, try new things and look at new directions for your life. This is the fresh start season which can be see either exciting or fearful if you are not much of a risk taker. But you can start small.

In our Wet Season the quality of air improves and great quantities of clear fresh water cleanse our souls. The rivers flow to replenish water downstream throughout our country, dry creeks awaken and dams fill, valuable ground water increases, and the country becomes vibrant and alive, giving life to nature and making us feal truly alive. Rainy days provide a great opportunity to bond with loved ones.

In the Dry Season with the sun shining almost every day, it makes you feel energetic and happy.  It is a great time to explore and have fun with outdoor activities in our beautiful environment. The season motivates us to keep active, fit and healthy. The beautiful weather encourages us to replenish ourselves by getting into the garden and planting crops and vegetables.

I think when you can recognize your season you can get more out of your life. So, go on and enjoy the season you are in right now!