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December 2021

With the Christmas month in full swing, Gayleen discusses the long awaited opening of the Queensland Borders, and wishes everyone an enjoyable Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2022.  

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November 2021

Gayleen discusses the highly anticipated opening of the Australian borders, Precruitment’s sponsorship of a family for Christmas  & welcoming a new team member and sadly, farewells dear friends of Precruitment.

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October 2021

Gayleen discusses the road map to opening Queensland’s Borders and the potential impacts it could have on the community. She also discusses the Cairns Business Excellence awards and welcomes a new Temp of the Month sponsor.

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September 2021

Gayleen welcomes a new member to our permanent recruitment team. She also discusses the continuous impacts of Covid and vaccination rates and provides a great free HR resource that can assist in difficult situations.

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August 2021

Gayleen discusses the Cairns lockdown, our regions demand for jobs and the current state of the economy. She also mentions how we can help you find your next employment opportunity.

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July 2021


Gayleen discusses the Olympics and our current employment situation.

In addition, we welcome a new staff member to our team.

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June 2021

Gayleen is back from our 2021 regional trip! Gayleen talks about the highlights of her trip which covered over 9000 Kilometers of Queensland’s Outback country. She also discusses current market trends and progress in the regions.

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May 2021

Gayleen has been busy completing Government tenders and has embarked on the beginning of her regional tour.
She will travel over 9000km’s and visit over 32 shire regions in Queensland.

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April 2021

Gayleen looks at the return of tourists and boosts to our economy. The dams are filling, there are job opportunities and Anzac Day commemorations. 

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March 2021

In this edition of Greetings with Gayleen she talks about the most recent Chambers lunch, a new starter at Precruitment & what we can do to help people who may be fearing the end of Jobkeeper. 

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February 2021

In this months article Gayleen covers topics such as; Hope for the 2020 Olympics to be hosted in Brisbane.

And a shout out to our Temp Consultant going above & beyond handmaking & delivering cookies to our temps for Valentines Day.

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January 2021

In this months edition of ‘Greetings from Gayleen’ she covers topics such as;

The State Economy in Regional Queensland & what’s new at Precruitment including welcoming our new consultant!

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December 2020

This month, Gayleen recaps on 2020! What a year to say the least. 

She will be talking about what we are doing to support families in need this Christmas and bit on the current Covid cluster in NSW. 

Have a safe and Happy Holiday!

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November 2020

In this months edition of ‘Greetings from Gayleen’ she covers topics such as; Government updates in QLD, What’s new at Precruitment & how close it is to Christmas and what we are doing at Precruitment to support families in need.

Hope you enjoy!

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October 2020

In this months ‘Greetings from Gayleen’, she talks about the upcoming State election and easing of COVID restrictions.

She also enjoyed some much needed time off with a lovely visit from her son and his partner.

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September 2020

This month, Gayleen recaps on her 2020 Regional Client Trip and has put together a little video of the beautiful and diverse country and communities in regional Queensland. To view the trip video click here.

She also talks about the great events she has attended. 

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August 2020

This month Gayleen talks about which industries are booming throughout this time of crisis and how this is promising for our economy and employment opportunities while some industries are still really struggling.

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July 2020

This month Gayleen talks about her recent regional QLD trip which included visits to 30 shire regions. Such a great way to see what is happening in our wonderful state.

Gayleen also shares some great news from Precruitment and the latest News of the North.

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June 2020

This month Gayleen & Colin are excited to start their annual regional trip & take us through their plans.

Gayleen also discusses some positive recruitment trends & gives some more great news… Precruitment is a finalist in the RCSA industry awards!

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May 2020

This month Gayleen discusses the changes to restrictions, gives an update on recruitment trends and looks at some of the support State & Federal Government are offering.

Precruitment are also excited to offer the services of Human Resources Management advisor Andrea Tunjic, follow the linke below to find out more!

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April 2020

This month Gayleen gives an update on employment and opportunities in our current environment.

Gayleen discusses where we are at as a community managing COVID-19 and how we celebrated Easter and ANZAC Day this year.

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March 2020

“It is interesting to look at my Previews news from last month. You would think it was an age ago, not just a few weeks ago. How quickly the landscape has all changed”. 

This month Gayleen discusses the current employment opportunities, some complimentary service we are offering and some of the good news stories coming out of the current situation.

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February 2020

This month Gayleen discusses her short trip to Japan and what has been happening in the Far North this February.

Gayleen also looks at the current employment figure and our recent Meet A Recruiter event.

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January 2020

Welcome to 2020!

This month Gayleen discusses some of the key events that have taken place in January 2020. Gayleen also discusses our upcoming Meet the Recruiter event & what the job market is up to in our region.

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