Greetings from Gayleen

– January 2022

Covid Updates And Upcoming Regional Trip

The festive season has been and gone except for what seems to be a constant; COVID.  This dreadful virus has had a devastating effect on all aspects of our lives, personal, business and government.  Our hearts go out to all those who have suffered losses due to the virus, be it health, employment, or business losses.  Precruitment as a business has suffered but thankfully, we are managing through all the challenges to date.  It is positive to see the borders are open and hopefully Omicron is coming to its peak. We may see some normalcy in our lives, Easter is the latest target, all things crossed there.

Precruitment is one of the preferred suppliers of recruitment services to the whole of the Queensland State Government and all Queensland Local Governments.  We have achieved this status over the years through a successful rigorous state tendering process.

For the past decade plus we have made annual visits to almost all local governments stretching from the Torres Strait in the very far north to Bulloo Shire in Thargomindah in Queensland’s far southwest.

The annual Client Visit trip occurs in May/June and takes several weeks and 10,000 km of travel.  To facilitate the trip, we have owned a very capable caravan and tow vehicle.  Colin and I just love doing the trip as we find the people and the country very special in so many ways.  So, while the trip is hard work, it is no hardship.

We have just sold our trusty Kedron caravan and its trusty tow vehicle a Chevrolet truck. To replace this great rig, we have purchased a motorhome. While we are experienced caravanners we are novices in motorhomes.  So, our trip this year will be a learning experience. To travel so far and wide takes much planning which is already underway by Colin who maps out the distances, bookings and stops along the way. This includes plans for stock replenishments and working around weekends, show days and other calendar events such as camp drafts. Weather and contingency plans always need to be considered; we have often had to take several hundred-kilometer detours around flooded roads.

I was recently walking on the lovely Munro Martin Park in Cairns and found where the “famous” Jelly Babies found their new home. I was very pleased to see them in such a lovely setting.

How fantastic was the tennis, congratulations to Barty, Nadal and our Aussie men’s doubles Kyrgios & Kokkinakis. Amazing efforts coming from behind and great never give up spirit by all. Reminds us how that if you set your mind to it, you can achieve and overcome almost anything.