Greetings from Gayleen

– March 2023

In March heavy rainfall once again caused widespread flooding in Western Queensland and Cape York, with many towns and communities across the regions cut off and isolated for days or even weeks at a time.

This latest round of flooding has tested the resilience and resourcefulness of those living in the affected areas. Emergency services and community volunteers have worked tirelessly to provide assistance and support to those affected, with many risking their own safety to rescue stranded residents and livestock. Many people have been evacuated from towns and properties or have had critical supplies flown in by way of airdrops or barge.

Despite the challenges posed by the flooding, many communities have shown remarkable strength and determination in the face of adversity. Local businesses and organizations have rallied together to help each other out, with many offering their services and resources to assist those in need.

In addition to the immediate impacts on those living in the affected areas, the floods have also had wider economic and environmental impacts. Many agricultural areas have been inundated, causing damage to crops and very sadly, the loss of many livestock and native animals. The flooding has also caused significant damage to roads, bridges, and other infrastructure.  Tourism has been affected with tourists unable to travel to many regions.

Despite the challenges posed by flooding and other factors, the regional economy in Queensland remains strong and diverse. The regions have seen significant growth in a number of key industries, including tourism, agriculture, and resources as well as Local Government. These industries, offer good-paying jobs with opportunities for career advancement and may provide subsidised housing and other great benefits. Additionally, there are many smaller businesses and organizations operating across the regions that offer a diverse range of employment opportunities.

There are signs of a strong recovery in the regions, with returning tourist and student numbers providing a welcome boost to local businesses and organizations. Many educational institutions in regional Queensland are reporting a steady increase in student numbers, as students return to in-person learning. This is great news for the regions, as it helps to support local businesses and provides opportunities for young people to stay and build their careers in regional areas.

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