Greetings from Gayleen

– February 2024

Unemployment in our region is at a very low 2.7% with the top five employing industries remaining Health & Social Assistance, Retail, Education & Training with Construction and Accommodation & Food Services slightly contracted but remaining strong. Precruitment has some excellent career opportunities and skilled candidates available if you think it could be a good time to make a career move or need some help to source new team members.

Hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, The Minister for Tourism and peak tourism bodies recently provided an update on Tourism projections for the regions. The numbers are strong with anticipated growth in the sector. Our airport traffic is back to 98% of January 2019 levels. Cyclones and weather events have had a direct impact on recent bookings. As a result of these events significant marketing campaigns and government support has been provided to encourage visitors back to the regions with resulting strong Easter bookings.

The start of the year is a good time to evaluate how we can assist our community. I thought I would share a few recent initiatives we have undertaken.

  • As a result of our long-established relationship, the Aurukun community has always held a special place in our hearts. We are pleased to be a sponsor of their monthly “Deadly Employee Awards” program for 2024. The awards are for all of the community and help to provide encouragement and incentive to work hard and improve the skill sets of the local people.
  • We were delighted to participate in the Centacare School Savvy program. Precruitment collected and donated toiletry bags filled with essentials and supported pencil case supplies to children in need. The program supported over 2300 students in regional Queensland.
  • Our treasured long term QAM Sylvia who first joined Precruitment in 2002, is this year on the committee for the Mother’s Day Classic, a charity close to her heart. We are happy to support Sylvia and sponsor this very worthy cause. This year the fun run is to support both breast cancer and ovarian cancer research. You can register your support here

RIP to our beautiful toy poodle, Cherie. Many of you have met Cherie in the office or seen her highlighted in our travel blogs over the past 16 years. Very sadly missed and never forgotten. What great mates are dogs. A little poem to reflect who she was.