Greetings From Gayleen – December 2023

Greetings from Gayleen

– December 2023

Our year has quickly come to conclusion with cyclone Jasper and the resulting floods. Many communities have been affected by this event and floods continue to deluge many regions as I write. I am in the northern beaches in Cairns with roads cut to the city. I am lucky that I have had no flood damage unlike many, many people who have had to evacuate their homes and have experienced significant flooding. As we all appreciate, it was a significant event for all of Far North Queensland, the biggest floods in Cairns in over 50 years. I have only been here 26 years and can say it rained like never before, non-stop for days on end. 

Overall, the regions have recovered well from the economic and personal devastation that was Covid. It was a year of getting back to business as usual, rebuilding, growing and making business improvements.  Tourism numbers were good at almost pre-covid levels, with excellent domestic tourist support and international tourists and students returning to boost our economy. While that sector had strong results, we were struck with many interest rates rises throughout the year, as well as staggering fuel and energy rises which has put a dampener on many peoples Christmas this year.

Our biggest challenges for 2024 remain the cost of living, homelessness, and the challenge to find skilled staff with unemployment at just over 3%.

All sectors continue to have chronic staff shortages. The shortage of housing continues to be a hinderance to people relocating for employment.  

Remember that Precruitment has both an excellent network of skilled staff as well as many career opportunities with some outstanding employers for you to explore in the New Year.

Thank you to our Precruitment team who have enjoyed shopping for our sponsored Salvation Army Family.  I know their generosity of giving all things food and gifts will bring some joy to the celebrations of a special family this Christmas.

With many businesses closing for Christmas in the coming week, we wanted to send you a very Merry Christmas and wish you Happy New Year before you head off.

Thank you all for your support in this past year we look forward to working with you all in 2024.

Merry Christmas and warmest wishes to you and all your loved ones.


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