Pass On This One Thing

Kindness can go a long way. It is much more powerful than we realize. Kindness seems simple but it can be quite hard at times. When you are tired, stressed, or hangry your kindness can be the first thing to go out the window and you won’t even realize it.

It is worse with those we are familiar with or who we take for granted because they are always there to put up with our stuff.  We think it is ok to not be kind to them from time to time because they will understand, but to tell you the truth those are the people you hurt even more than total strangers.

Kindness is like getting into a refreshing pool on a hot and muggy day. Kindness is that first bite of a beautifully prepared meal or dessert.  Kindness is that warm blanket you snuggle under when your feet are cold.

We can all remember a time when someone was just kind to us for no reason or even when we did not deserve it. Being kind is a skill you must work at and pass on liberally. Imagine if someone lavished kindness on you. How would that make you feel? 

The great part is the if you give out kindness you will get back kindness. Many people hold back their kindness thinking if they have never been shown any why should thy share it.  But this is stinking thinking and just plain wrong.

Take stock in your life for a second and think about the area that you feel lacking. Start to actively do random acts of kindness. Again, they do not have to be big acts. A smile goes a long way in this world. Acknowledging someone’s very existence is kind. So, it does not cost you anything and it takes very little effort. But the rewards are huge.

So, the next time your kindness is waning, take a moment. Breath and share some with the next person you see.

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