Greetings from Gayleen

– October 2023

Congratulations to all the finalists and winners in the Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. The Gala dinner was a fitting event for our team to celebrate our 25 years in business in October.

I thought I would share what has been the core drivers for our business success over the 25 years of operations.

Our Vision

To provide a professional quality of service and recruitment excellence in Regional Queensland equal to or better than that available anywhere in the world.

We value being persistent, being dedicated to our profession; success and exceeding our co-workers, clients and candidates’ expectations.
Our vision from the beginning was to create a culture that is enjoyable and fun, while doing serious business.

Our Culture

We have developed our culture through being persistent and consistent to achieve our Vision and Values and to be a true employer of choice.

The values we all work towards include:

  • Be “people people” in all things
  • Ethical behaviour; integrity in all that we do; positive attitudes; skill trustworthiness; being consistent; being persistent,
  • Accept setbacks and disappointments as positive learning experiences
  • Celebrate and reward success
  • Give our co-workers frequent positive encouragement & constructive feedback
  • Always be positive
  • Ensuring all staff are well trained and highly equipped to do their job
  • Creating a great working environment that sparks with energy and enthusiasm

We encourage and invest in the professional development of our co-workers by:

  • Planning professional development training for all Precruitment team members
  • Keeping abreast of training and development trends and opportunities
  • Encouraging all Precruitment team members to invest their time in their personal professional development
  • Encouraging a “thirst for knowledge” in all Precruitment team members

We set the tone for our team by selecting only those co-workers to join our team who can demonstrate to us that they are willing to share our Vision, live our Values, implement our Strategies, and fulfil our Actions.

Thank you to all of our clients, candidates and team for your support over the past 25 years.

If you need staff or are seeking a change in career make sure you contact our friendly and dedicated team to help you!