Daria’s Perspective

It Is All About Timing

By Daria Campbell

Being a Recruiter Consultant I have found that timing has a major factor in everything.  I am sure this is not earth-shattering news to anyone who has heard the saying, “timing is everything.”   However, in this role, I find the more I try to help my Clients and Candidates, sometimes things work out so easily and other times it is like pushing a boulder uphill in a snowstorm. I believe this happens because either the time is right or we are trying to make something happen that is not meant to happen at that particular time, therefore it becomes super hard and complicated.

So how do we recognize if the timing is right or not with things in our lives? Firstly think about what we want or are trying to accomplish. Is it something that only benefits us? Is it something selfish? I find this is when things become hard because our hearts are not right and if our hearts are not in the right place and if our hearts are not right, we will make weird decisions based on fear, pride and sometimes anger. Not only will the timing be off, but we will end up with not the best results in the long run. Yes, you may want that thing but ask yourself why you want it. Test your answer and be honest with yourself.

When things go pretty smoothly it is usually because you are trying to accomplish something for someone else or a bigger picture. Your heart is in the right place. For instance, I believe I do this line of work not for myself even though I find satisfaction in it, but because I truly want to help people. I was built this way and have always had roles that help people including over 20 years of being a group fitness instructor. Yes, I would work out too, but it was when people told me how much they benefited from my classes over the years that made it all worthwhile. As a Recruiter Consultant, a lot of the work I do is based on faith so my heart has to be right. If I have selfish motives, it just doesn’t work. I love when the right Client and Candidate meet, and everyone is happy. I am not looking for any accolades I just want people to be blessed with the right employment and employee. I have been on the other side of this equation, and I know how hard it can be. I have made decisions where the timing was so wrong out of desperation and suffered for it. I never want anyone to feel that way. I want them to feel the way I do now. Joyful to come to work every day and willing to do my best.

This role for me was about the right timing and I am truly grateful. If you are looking for work and things don’t seem to be going your way, maybe look at it from a different angle. Is the timing right? What is it that you believe you were meant to do while you are here on Earth?  Be honest with yourself and try to see past the immediate to the big picture. Who can you bless in a work environment? What can you do to bring a bit more joy and light to those around you, instead of just wanting “a job”?  Then I think the timing will start to correct itself and the right opportunity will present itself because your heart is in a good place asking good questions.  Timing is, after all, everything.