Daria’s Perspective

Can You Accept This?

By Daria Campbell

It has taken me many years to learn this simple skill. When someone offers you a compliment, take it! I used to think it was just me but I am astounded at the amount of times I have given someone a compliment or heard someone else give a compliment, to all walks of life and ages and how most people will not know how to take it.

Think about it. When someone compliments you the first reaction is to either deny it or make an excuse for it. “Your hair looks great today!” “It is because I haven’t washed it today.” “You look great in that top.” “I have had this forever. It is so old.” Does this sound familiar?

I am not sure how or why people been trained on some level to not be able to take a compliment but when someone does and does so gracefully it is quite beautiful to behold. The funny part is all you have to say is “thank you.” No more no less. It sounds easy but it takes practice. It is a skill.

The interesting thing about taking a compliment is that you will then be blessing the person who is giving it to you. Nothing hurts more than giving a sincere compliment and being met with the above reaction, or worse arrogance. I have complimented people who have responded with an eye roll and say, “Yes I know.” Ewwww. After that I say to myself that I will never compliment that person again and honestly, I am a little repelled.  Arrogance is not pretty on anyone.

Compliments are the salt that adds flavor to our day on both sides. Some of my favorite moments is when my daughter will compliment someone at a random moment and watch their face light up because she is being honest and real with them. I would like to also mention that sometimes you do not know the power of your compliment; it may be the one thing that can turn someone’s whole day around. I have had the awesome experience of someone on the receiving end of my compliment and they literally look like I had just thrown them a lifesaver as they were drowning in the ocean. They literally almost break into tears. It is amazing.

Even if you do not see the evidence, it can be very powerful. Don’t be stingy with your compliments, because the law of reciprocation. What you give out you get back. I am not saying give compliments to get compliments but you will notice that when you are sincere and look for ways to uplift people, you in turn will find people uplifting you in the most unexpected ways and at the most unexpected times.

On that note: thank you for reading this article. I appreciate you.