Shifting Your Mindset to Enjoy Work More

Adopting a happy mindset means you need to be able to think your way out of unhappiness. And when it comes to work that is a huge challenge.

Our collective thinking about work is disempowering and limits the potential to genuinely enjoy work.

Here are some examples:

  • Mondayitis, Humpday, TGIF
  • Work my butt off
  • Sell my soul
  • Bosses just care about money
  • You can’t trust staff

To uncover your current mindset around work as great question to ask is:

“how do I describe my situation at work?”

The words that you use to describe your experience reflects what you really think about work.  And those thoughts influence how you feel and will react.

Most people don’t pay attention to their habitual language and are unknowingly making themselves miserable at work.

If you habitually use words about work like “stressed, undervalued, unsupported, unfair” etc then you will experience work as a low vibe drag.

Or, you can reach for a better feeling thought and chose more self-empowering words and positively transform your experience of work.

Here’s one way to do just that

If you find yourself in a low vibe situation at work, you can shift your mindset with this self-coaching process:

  • Find your negative words and thoughts about work e.g. “I’m so stressed” (or chose undervalued, unsupported, working my butt off, I think my boss is an a…hole etc.)
  • Check in with yourself and notice how that thought makes you feel:
  • What happens to you when you believe that thought?
  • How do you treat yourself and others when you have this thought?
  • How do you react?
  • Challenge the power behind the thought by asking: Is this thought 100% true, all of the time?
  • Swap the intense thoughts with ones that are less demanding. For example: I’m busy today, or I feel worried about…, this task is putting me under pressure.
  • Repeat the process until your language, and therefore your reactions, line up with more enjoyment at work

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Our human resources article this month has been contributed by Andrea Tunjic (CAHRI) 

Andrea is an award winning Leadership and Human Resources Strategist.

With a diverse career spanning 25 years in the people management space, Andrea has earned a 360 degree perspective on work. She started out as a union official, has worked as a senior HR manager, lead her own small businesses, consults in all aspects of people leadership and business improvement strategies to organizations throughout Australia and has written a book on the topic called People Power.

She is also the creator of a range of online leadership courses aimed at helping managers become more effective leaders and teams to Vibe Up.  She is also the is the developer of ICoachMe, a self-coaching process

that has been recognised by the International Coaching Federation. Andrea’ s approach to people management is engaging, knowledgeable and practical with an unwavering commitment to empowering staff and leaders to work to their best, resolve problems well and enable them to become happier, more empowered and more successful at work