Recruitment Retention & Leadership

 Recruitment Retention & Leadership

The role and status of HR in organisations, commercial and government, has come a long way from processing employee paperwork to now holding a strategic position and often a seat at the senior leadership table.  Two of the most pressing issues facing HR today are finding and employing high quality talent and managing the revolving door of talent.

Finding and Employing High Quality Talent

When it comes to acquiring top talent, the game has changed. The tight labour market continues to create significant challenges for HR. In a recent survey, HR professionals reported recruiting and hiring as their most critical challenge. Over half reported their organisation was facing an “extreme challenge” recruiting and hiring high-quality candidates, more than double the number from just two years ago.

Many organisations have developed “Employee Referral” recruitment programs in the belief that they derive the benefit of faster and cheaper recruitment.  Unfortunately, these programs do not thoroughly test the market searching for the best talent available.

Employee referrals are okay providing the referred candidate is subjected to full testing and assessment and the competition of external candidates.  If that is the case then the benefits of “cheaper, faster recruitment” no longer apply.

It is important to recruit the best talent irrespective of gender, skin colour, ethnic background, religion or being referred by an existing employee. A predetermined bias towards any characteristic will result in a second-grade outfit.  

 The expert skills, systems, nationwide networks, and experience of specialist recruitment companies such as Precruitment can help organisations find top talent.  It is a specialist field so employ the specialists. 

The Revolving Door of Talent

Having found and recruited the best talent for the job it is now an issue of ensuring the culture and environment within the organisation is conducive of employees providing long and dedicated service. 

Employee turnover is not necessarily bad depending on the reasons for the turnover.  While is does occur, it is unrealistic to believe an employee will remain in your organisation for the rest of their working life.

 Organisations are at the most significant risk of losing their most motivated and hard-working employees due to high stress and burnout.  High stress and burnout are the result of poor leadership by management. 

The solution? Develop processes to ensure that workloads are more reasonable. Offer flexible work options. Create a company culture that encourages work-life balance. And educate staff about the warning signs of burnout and ways to combat it. 

HR management and organisation is an important aspect of any and every organisation.  People are an organisations most valuable asset.  Poor recruitment systems and poor HR management will result in business and organisation under performance at best and total failure at worst.  Any organisation suffering from poor HR systems and management will also be suffering from poor leadership by management.  The two go hand in hand.