Greetings from Gayleen

– October 2019

Precruitment’s 21st anniversary & welcome new team members! 

Precruitment has had two anniversaries this month. It was 21 years ago on the 15th October 1998 Precruitment in Cairns was launched, followed by Townsville almost exactly 2 years later on the 16th October 2000. 

Precruitment’s Beginning

From humble beginnings in 50 sqm of space I sat on the floor with pen, pad and mobile phone believing that my goal to start the first specialist recruitment company north of Brisbane would be a success. Our vision was that we would provide professional, quality recruitment services to North Queensland that were equal to or better than that available anywhere in the world. Why was I sitting on the floor? My promised desks and phones had not yet been installed or delivered. Fear not, there were coffee shops to interview and meet client’s and my business was never about a fancy office.

Precruitment is about talking to people and more importantly, listening to people and providing them with the best career guidance and the best skills and cultural fit for clients. My belief that there is the right job for the right person guided our success. We stood strong on our values and ethics, never be untruthful and always care about our clients and candidates and most importantly to have fun while doing serious business.

The business quickly grew, and we relocated to a bigger space and to the opening of our second office in Townsville. Our recruitment methodologies led to our Quality Assurance certification and success with large government and private sector preferred supplier arrangements across Queensland. The economy has had many ups and downs over the years with some particularly difficult economic times since the GFC. To keep us efficient and relevant Precruitment has invested in streamlining much of our processes with world’s best technology. However, we have never forgotten our focus ‘to be the people, people in all that we do’. I believe this mantra has enabled us to succeed where many recruitment companies have failed or struggled, technology is a tool, but it is our people that are key to the success for our business, our clients and our candidates.

New Team Members

One of our people Sylvia Dowie, has recently re-started with us in the permanent position of Quality Assurance Manager. Sylvia previously worked for Precruitment from 2002 to 2008 as our very first QAM, while away she has been raising her daughter Ellie, among her other adventures.  We are also delighted to welcome back our consultant Christine Foudoulis, who has returned from maternity leave. It is great to have both these highly skilled people back on the team. This month we would like to welcome new staff member Olivia Basi to our consulting team, she has a degree in psychology and HRM certification. Olivia recently shared a little of her culture with us by cooking and sharing a yummy lunch for Diwali. We love her already.

On another note, I enjoyed the ‘Family Reunion’ function at the Cairn Businesswomen’s Club early in the month. The luncheon was to celebrate the growth and evolution of this very successful businesswomen’s club. It was attended by many past Committee members and Awards Winners. Margaret Gill, successful businesswoman, former deputy mayor, and the founder of the club in 1985 was the MC for the luncheon. I was president of the CBWC from 2000 through 2002 and was succeeded by Melanie Wicks, we both spoke of our time in the club and of the benefits it has always brought by supporting woman in business, especially woman making their mark in their chosen career or profession. Congratulations to all involved, both past and present.

At the end of the month our professional industry body the RCSA, is hosting the International Recruitment Conference on the Gold Coast. Sandy and I will be attending, and we look forward to returning to our region with exciting innovations and trends for the staffing industry.

Thank you for your continued support of our business, I appreciate our relationships, always.

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