Greetings from Gayleen – May 2019

It is great to have the election behind us so we can get on with business and know what the government policies and funding will be for the next few years at least. Congratulations to all the winners, I am sure they will all do their very best for our communities. Droughts, floods and now a grasshopper plague has hit our farmers. Very sad and they are so resilient but gee it’s tough for them.

The Precruitment team enjoyed hosting some of our clients at an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Competency Training workshop. It was an excellent day that was presented by Leanne Bell at TAFE. We all learnt great deal, heard some amazing stories, and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience including the bonds made with new friends. Some of our clients that participated enjoyed the day so much that they are planning to role out the training in their organisations. The most valuable thing we learned is to listen, respect, and to take the time to build relationships with all people and learn their stories.

Colin and I are very excited to be leaving on our annual trip through Western Queensland. Our travels on this occasion will include visiting 18 Shires in West, Central and South West Queensland. Most of the regions we visit will have been affected by the natural disasters I mention above, so the trip will be tinged with a little sadness, however I know the people always appreciate us showing our support by coming out to see them.

The climate may be harsh, but the country is beautiful so will post lots of photos of our travels on social media and report to you next month.

Warm regards