Greetings from Gayleen

– March 2021

With many people nervous with the end of Jobkeeper this month the Treasurer came to Cairns to meet with business leaders and to see first-hand what was happening in our economy. Although there is no extension to the program the news was not all negative. Subsidised flights have been announced to encourage domestic tourism. Diversification in our economy will help our recovery in the region. A mix of industries including Agriculture, Marine, Aviation and Tourism are strong and growing. Airlines are being supported and Qantas has indicated the return of direct flights from Cairns to Japan.

Andrew Hayes Director of Cairns Manufacturing Hub, presented at the Chamber business lunch and outlined the exciting developments of our Regional Maintenance Centre (RMC) capabilities for naval, border force, army marine and maintenance and supply.  The RMC supports many employment and training opportunities for Cairns. TAFE has been awarded a $36M contract to provide ongoing maritime training to support Cairns as a Defence Hub. A new lucrative shipbuilding contract for Cairns has been awarded to Tropical Reef Shipyard.

We are excited to have expanded our team with our new consultant Nick Forte. Nick is an experienced recruiter with over 20 years in the Australian and global markets. With a wealth of experience in HR management, search, talent management and the recruitment industry Nicks looks forward to assisting our clients and candidates in the commercial, industrial and government sectors. If you have a need to expand your search momentum for a highly skilled or specialised person, Nick has the experience and expertise to source and match the right people with the right company.

With the end of Jobkeeper unfortunately some job losses are expected in our region.  Precruitment has for many years worked in partnership with outplacement specialist Turning Point Partners, this month director of Turning Point Partners Mark Brand, has provided a great article for our newsletter that may help with change to your business and/or employment circumstances.  He has also provided a link to the HR Toolkit for some great advice and assistance during a challenging time of change. HR Toolkit

Precruitment is excited to be a sponsor of Aurukun’s Deadly Employee Awards. The awards are for all of Aurukun community residents and council employees to recognise and encourage hard work and skills development. The ongoing emphasis seeks to overcome difficulties and contribute to a positive future in the community.

Our Temp Consultant Daria had a fun time out and about for Saint Patricks Day and our temps enjoyed their green goodies. We all love Daria’s enthusiastic, fun, yet super professional approach with all her clients and candidates. She would be delighted to hear from you if she can help with any temporary or casual recruitment needs.

I hope you have a very happy Easter, and the new restrictions don’t affect your celebrations and business in the north and regions gets back on track quickly.