Greetings from Gayleen

– October 2021 

Queensland opening the borders, the Business Excellence Awards & our new Temp of the Month sponsor

We are all very pleased that the borders are opening! We finally have a road map for Domestic and International travel. For Domestic travel at 80% fully vaccinated guidelines are: if coming from a hotspot, a covid test 72 hours prior to arrival will be required, no restrictions if coming from all other areas. At 90% Vax no restrictions for fully vaccinated and non-vaccinated will require a quarantine period. International travel still has restrictions and quarantines but at 90% no restrictions for fully vaccinated and quarantine for unvaccinated. So, let’s get vaccinated, start travelling and be safe!

Queensland currently has the 2nd worst performing economy in the country and the reason is that our border has been closed and tourism has been shut out. Opening up will work towards helping our economy get back in order. We are nervous that in Queensland we have one of the lowest availability per capita of hospital beds in the developed world. We do know that the opening of borders will also create a huge influx of covid cases in Queensland, are we ready for that? It is also interesting to note that Queensland has little mandatory vaccination health orders currently. For most employers and businesses, it is not yet legal for them to require staff or patrons to be vaccinated. There are a few exceptions such as Queensland Health Workers and Aged Care and a few other identified workplaces. My feeling is this will change to be in line with other States but as it stands vaccinations in most workplaces cannot be enforced.  See the link to Queensland Covid Fact Sheets.

I enjoyed being a judge for the Chamber Business Excellence Awards, congratulations to the winners and to all the finalists there were some great submissions and innovative marketing and business management initiatives. The ball was booked out and a great success.

We are delighted that Ocean Free & Ocean Freedom are now the sponsor of our temp of the month award. Like Precruitment, they are a local Far North Queensland owned and operated business for over 25 years. They offer personalised sailing and catamaran reef and island eco certified tours. With snorkelling, diving, lots of fun and a professional crew you can experience a magic day on the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Gayleen presenting a prize at the Cairns Chamber of Commerce lunch