Greetings from Gayleen

– May 2024

It is pleasing for our economy that Regional Queensland is experiencing a dynamic period of growth driven by strong domestic tourism, strategic events and critical infrastructure projects. International visitor recovery remains a challenge with visitation still at pre covid levels. Major infrastructure projects including the Hells Gates Dam and the Channel Capacity upgrade are underway.

Key industries driving the economy include renewable energy, transport & infrastructure investments, tourism and the bioeconomy.  The demand for Queensland’s critical rich minerals including copper, nickel and cobalt continues to grow.

Congratulations to our team for winning an Australian & NZ marketing award for the best Billboard Campaign. I hope you have the opportunity to see the billboards dotted on the Highways on your travels, we would love your feedback.

Colin and I have recently returned from our visit to Gallipoli which was a moving experience that exceeded my expectations. The Gallipoli Peninsula is renowned for the Gallipoli Campaign during WW1 that aimed to secure a sea route to Russia. The campaign resulted in heavy casualties on both sides which has become a defining moment in national consciousness for Turkey, Australia and New Zealand that is commemorated on ANZAC Day annually.

The 26 square kilometre peninsula is dotted with memorials and cemeteries including ANZAC Cove, Lone Pine and the Canakkale Martyrs monument. It is beautiful country which is well maintained particularly by Turkey Australia & NZ.

There is a moving statue of a Turkish soldier carrying a wounded Australian soldier for assistance. There were many stories of this gentleman’s war, whereby they had ceasefires to assist each other’s wounded and exchange precious items such as food and water.  The heavy losses and endurance fostered a sense of unity and national pride in the soldiers.

It is great to be home in Australia and to reflect on what a great and lucky country we are that has been built on the sacrifices of our forebears.  We all too often criticize and take for granted what we have and want to bury our past. We should be proud of our country.

Thank you for your valuable and continued support of our regionally owned and operated Queensland business.