Greetings from Gayleen

– February 2021

Settling back into normality & updates in word of Precruitment

February has seen us settle back into a bit more normality and optimism for Queensland with only a few COVID hiccups along the way. Shorter lockdowns and less restrictions have occurred throughout Australia. However, several states were again hit with snap lockdowns and our bubble to NZ was temporarily shut down and they are now classed as a red zone. How quickly everything changes.

The best news for us all is that the rollout of COVID vaccinations has begun. This has been an amazing feat in such a short (seems like long), period. Confidence is high that the opportunity to open the world is now on the horizon. A recent CCIQ Business Confidence survey found that Queensland business is feeling more optimistic with the worst of crisis past us. However, business is nervous with the end of Jobkeeper and recovery is reliant on State borders remaining open.

It was exciting news that Queensland is looking to secure the 2032 Olympic Games with Brisbane having been announced as the preferred candidate to host the event. The event is forecast to create 130,000 jobs and be an economic boom for the state.

The Chamber of Commerce hosted their first networking event for the year with Richard Barker the CEO of NQA – North Queensland Airports, giving a positive presentation on the anticipated passenger numbers and an optimistic outlook for the future of tourism and the aviation industry.

I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day; Daria our Temporary Consultant made some authentic American chocolate chip cookies which were enjoyed by the team and temp staff. On a personal note I had the most fabulous Valentines weekend in Brisbane where my gorgeous son Cameron and his beautiful partner Jamie, were married over a lovely weekend of events and parties. I think the relief for everyone to enjoy such a special time restriction free, there was even dancing, made it more special and loads of fun.

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