Greetings from Gayleen

– August 2020

Some industries and sectors are booming which is promising for the economy and employment opportunities. Those industries doing well include building, construction, health, and all government sectors which continue to see growth in employment levels.

There have been some exciting announcements including the $3 billion lithium plant in Townsville and the Adani rail project ramping up. Mining and Energy has continued to be an important boost to the Queensland economy and has provided some outstanding job opportunities.

Job ads have picked up in Townsville and Mackay in the past month but after an earlier boost they have now dropped in the Cairns region.

Just when Far North Queensland and tourism across the regions were feeling buoyed by the increased activity with the return of tourists from interstate (except Victoria) our borders were closed again. I have been meeting with many business leaders who are feeling flat with the bleak economic outlook over the next 6 months for many sectors, in particular, tourism and hospitality. Many local businesses are directly or indirectly affected by the drop in tourism and are now on the edge of survival. It is good that JobKeeper has been extended, although at a reduced rate the cuts will hit many employers and employees hard.

Like everyone, the Precruitment team have been working very hard throughout the Covid pandemic and under some challenging circumstances. Colin and I thought it would be nice to take the team out for lunch at Dundee’s at the Aquarium in Cairns. It was fabulous and a nice way to thank our team. We thank all our clients and business partners for their continued support. We appreciate the opportunities that have been given to us by Government, Health Sectors and other major employers who have awarded us Preferred Supplier Arrangements for the supply of a variety of employment categories. It is encouraging that these opportunities are given to a ‘small’ regional supplier, to support both our business and to create employment opportunities for local people across the regions.

And I will remind you, we are also still actively assisting jobseekers with our industry professional body the RCSA, and State Government initiative Jobfinder please follow the link if you or someone you know is seeking employment opportunities and need some free assistance.