Greetings from Gayleen

– April 2020

Welcome to April

Another month of lockdowns but almost all of us are well in Queensland and working around the restrictions. The numbers continue to decline in Queensland with only a handful of active cases and 90% are in South East Queensland. There are no cases in Western Queensland and only a few in the North. Let us hope the trend continues. Certainly not so lucky in other parts of the country. But trends are promising. Our hearts go out to other parts of the world where the numbers are staggering. Most of us know someone or have family, in these affected areas and it certainly is a worrying time, our thoughts and prayers are with all of them.

Precruitment has continued to operate for which we are extremely thankful, so many people have lost their jobs and their businesses. Recruitment does continue in some sectors. The Federal Government has done a fantastic job and is helping many of us to continue operations so that the economy will be able to survive this pandemic. We are working with the State Government to try and attract job opportunities to our region.

To assist some of the many jobseekers now in the market, Precruitment has signed up to participate in a Jobs Finder program that is an initiative of our Professional Industry body the RCSA and the State Government. It is the first time that private recruitment companies that must be members of the RCSA, have a dedicated program to work with jobseekers. The program falls outside of the normal Government run and funded Centrelink / Job Network Providers framework and it is a structured opportunity for us to engage directly with Jobseekers. Jobs Finder Queensland will leverage the expertise and experience of RCSA’s membership to more effectively mobilise Queensland’s workforce and keep people working through COVID-19. To register in the program follow the link

Easter and Anzac Day were both celebrated and commemorated in line with Covid isolation and travel restrictions this year. The idea of lighting a candle at dawn in your driveway was heavily supported in remembrance of our ANZACs. Colin and I were able to walk the 200m to our local cenotaph and light a candle and reflect on the sacrifices of our defence forces both past and present.  A former veteran, Colin was able to proudly don his military beret and medals to pay respect and reflect on his personal experiences and losses of people her served with and fought against.

Keeping things as normal as possible under the restrictions, we enjoyed celebrating Erica’s birthday with cake and bubbles in the office. Distancing measure observed of course.

We hope you enjoy May Day and the month sees some further lifting of restrictions as a result of positive virus containment.

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