Greetings from Gayleen

– August 2021

Covid updates, our current economy, and how we can assist you with employment!

In Cairns we experienced a 3-day lockdown, not long for us and restrictions were not very tough but the impact of the third wave of covid and lockdowns has been devastating on our economy. The streets of Far North Queensland are deserted, and tourism and hospitality numbers are down by 90%. We have seen a sharp drop in employment and the small business owners are very nervous.

At Precruitment we do have employment opportunities outside tourism and hospitality sectors including with professional firms such as accounting and legal and we have strong demand for trades, engineering, aged care, childcare and health. We all know there are many jobs in agriculture and there is also a strong demand for people across a broad variety of skill sets who are willing to work in some of our more remote regions and outside our larger cities. Many job opportunities have great incentives to make a move to a regional centre and our smaller regional centres offer some great vibrant communities and a wonderful lifestyle.

You can register your resume with us by clicking the link. If you need to some help with resume and cover letter writing or with interview tips, we have some excellent free resources to assist you, please click on the links. Having a great resume and cover letter coupled with making a great impression in an interview, can really help make all the difference to your success in a job application.

If you are lucky enough to be employed, please make the extra effort at this time to support our tourism and hospitality sectors. They are really hurting and are offering some great incentives to encourage bookings.

Come on Government, State and Federal help our employers and employees get through this with some real financial support. People who have lost jobs and casual shifts are struggling to keep afloat and pay bills. We have no ‘job saver’ support as is the case in the lockdown states, but we are locked out which is just as or more devasting for us. Our economy is more devastated now than it was last year at the height of the pandemic when there was support for employers and employees to keep going. Now there is nothing, I fear what will happen. Even hotel quarantine has been closed in Queensland so there is almost no opportunity to come to our great state.

I hope to have a more positive message next month, but we need the borders opened and we need to be vaccinated to keep them open.

Keep safe, keep smiling and I hope we can help some of the many job seekers.