A Sense of Justice

Have you ever found yourself just upset over something that you have heard happened or saw on the news? Are you taken aback? Are you angered? Do you want to break down and have a cry? This is usually because you are feeling a strong sense of justice. 

Practicing justice is being fair minded in everything that you do. It can be hard for people who practice justice to understand when other people don’t.  Have you ever heard yourself say, “How could they do that?” followed up with “I could never do that!”  And you are more than likely right. The action that the person took, the thing that person said is so not in your character because you are a fair and just person.

Some people would say this is being judgmental and that you should let people do what they want, but I want to tell you that is not the case. You are not being judgmental you are expressing your sense of justice. It is not ok to accept when other people do the wrong thing. There is no justification for hurting another human being. The media, movies and music are trying their hardest to get us all to accept everything and anything that happens so that we are desensitized that by the time something truly heinous happens you accept it or you just feel nothing.

I am calling out to all the people out there who know the difference between right and wrong. Being just is standing up for your own rights and the rights of other people.  If someone is hurting you, it is just to stop them. It is never just for strong people to hurt weaker people.  It is never just for people with power to abuse people without power. It is never just for an adult to hurt a child in any form. It is not just to hurt an animal just because you can. Justice means that every person’s rights are protected. 

So how do you make your sense of justice even stronger?  Here are some ways:

  • Think for yourself. Don’t just blindly follow what is on the media or in the newspaper. Ask questions. Does this seem right?
  • Avoid gossip. I know it is hard but most times it is just a rumor or a complete lie and if you buy into it you are giving the person who started it power over another person’s reputation. It is easy to walk away from gossip when you really want to.
  • Refuse to prejudge people. See people as individuals. Don’t minimize anyone’s life to a generalization. You would be surprised how amazing some people’s lives have been and are if you just ask them the right questions.
  • Own up to your mistakes and accept the consequences. This one is the hardest, but worth it in the end. Trying to avoid, or wanting to run away from a problem has never worked for me. Believe me, it is better to take your lumps up front than have it found out later and all that comes with the fact you tried to hide it.
  • Share fairly with others. When you feel like life is not going well for you then help someone else. Your problems will always seem not nearly as bad when you take your eyes off them for a while and try to help someone else with theirs.
  • Stand up for people’s rights including your own. We all have opinions but if you feel in your heart something is wrong then say it out loud. People get away with so much ‘stuff’ these days because people are afraid to say they disagree. You are allowed to voice your opinion just be prepared to be ignored or ridiculed for it. It is fine you said it, you will stand by it and then you let it go.

I hope if you are the type of person who has a strong sense of justice you never yield or give up because the world needs more people like you. We need people to stand arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder and show the world we do care about other people not just ourselves.

Importantly, remember to accept forgiveness when it is offered to resolve an injustice.

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