Greetings from Gayleen

– March 2020

It is interesting to look at my Previews news from last month…

You would think it was an age ago, not just a few weeks ago. How quickly the landscape has all changed.  Like me, you have most likely been inundated with information to try and help us all navigate through this crisis. We have an admin requirement to have no more than a handful of mail in our inbox by the end of each day. I currently have 329, that’s a few more than a handful! Guess I’ll be working back tonight.

However, at least I am still working, many in our community are not. The government is putting some extraordinary packages together to help save us in what is both a Health crisis and an Economic crisis. Good work team government and especially team health workers. We thank you.

Employment opportunities are mixed with the government employing in both critical roles and newly created community response positions.  Some commercial business sectors are sourcing different employment opportunities to assist and support the economy and community. We have some fantastic examples of small business thinking outside of the square to continue to operate and service their customers for as long as possible. There are some great social media and community pages that have been set up with cafes, restaurants, fresh food and other services that can be ordered and paid for online for both pickup and delivery. They are all are trying to keep afloat and keep staff employed and to help us get through this pandemic and to bounce back at the end of it. 

At Precruitment, like everyone else, we are trying to source opportunities for our business and jobs for the community. We are proactively working with other agencies and government entities to source employment opportunities for our local and regional job seekers. Some of our clients have additional challenges with entire communities in lockdown. Some people are not able to work from home due to either regulations or technology deficiencies.

A few of the complimentary services we are offering during this difficult time are:

  • OHS induction checklist for Staff Working from home
  • Resume and cover letter templates 

We also have online Skills testing and other induction assessments available. Contact us to find out more. 

On the bright side there are lots of good news stories with everyone supporting each other and creating fun isolation activities. Colin just made some homemade passata – roasted tomatoes, olive oil and salt, placed in jars that have been sterilised in boiling water. Done! My son Cameron has taken up a bit of rock painting and baking.  We have an office board with a list of the good things to come out of the virus and a list of things you have eaten that is different to your usual. Both sides are full of fun facts.

Thank you for your continued support. As a small regional Queensland business your support has helped us to get through tough times before and we know it will again. 

Stay well, stay safe let’s see what the month holds for us. Call if you need.


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