Ever wondered how much productive time happens at work?

Ever wondered how much productive time happens at work?

Everyone has a go to pep me up that they reach for when they are in the middle of a work slump.

It could be quick scan of the news headlines, searching for your dream holiday, doing a bit of online shopping or perhaps you engage in a bit of gossip to get a thrill. Or maybe you get a buzz by scrolling through your social media or adding to your Pinterest board. If it’s a really bad day then you’ll probably be on Seek or Reddit.

It doesn’t really matter how you get there, what matters is that when you hit a work slump, you go in search of something to make you feel better, even if you will get into trouble for wasting time.  It’s worth it because you know you need to feel better to survive the day.

I recently asked a bunch of staff to rate their Vibes during their work workday.  Most talked about feeling good about coming to work and leaving work and they all loved it when they get things accomplished but in-between there was a lot of boredom and frustration and looking for ways to re-energise themselves going on.

And this is backed up by the research.  The average employee spends only 2 hours and 35 minutes on productive activities during the day.  That’s not to say that the rest of the time is spent on social media – that only counts for up to 1.8 hours a day! They are also being interrupted up to 56 times a day and responding to the 304 email they receive every week.

Focusing on improving productivity isn’t really the solution. We’ve been trying this for years; everyone is super busy and now we’ve got a growing work stress problem.

That got me thinking, work can be really boring and frustrating at times and our staff are putting a lot of time and energy into getting out of these low vibe blues.   Surviving work shouldn’t be the goal – being happy and thriving should be.  What is needed is some re-charging at the emotional level.

From there I designed a solution that energises staff and coaches them in ways to better handle the challenges that are a part of everyday work.  It’s called “Vibe Up” and I am very thankful to Gayleen and the team at Precruitment for their support and participation in the trial of this new online concept.

We’ll be launching our new product soon, but, in the meantime, check in with the vibes of your team.  Ask them about what causes them to feel de-energised and low vibes and work with them on finding ways to feel better about work.  

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Our human resources article this month has been contributed by Andrea Tunjic (CAHRI) 

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With a diverse career spanning 25 years in the people management space, Andrea has earned a 360 degree perspective on work. She started out as a union official, has worked as a senior HR manager, lead her own small businesses, consults in all aspects of people leadership and business improvement strategies to organizations throughout Australia and has written a book on the topic called People Power.

She is also the creator of a range of online leadership courses aimed at helping managers become more effective leaders and teams to Vibe Up.  She is also the is the developer of ICoachMe, a self-coaching process

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