Greetings from Gayleen

– September 2019

Some fantastic feedback, travel updates & News in the North… 

Fantastic Feedback

I was thrilled to receive this lovely feedback from a candidate from 20 years ago. I hope by sharing his story it might give encouragement to other young people starting out in their career, his words and story might just change someone else’s life.

You probably won’t remember me. We met back in 1999 when I was backpacking around Australia and my wife and I were sitting next to you on benches outside of the courthouse pub in Cairns.

At the time I was an accountant with experience but was not very organized (lazy) and had not started my degree. We were talking and I remember telling you that I was nervous about working in Australia as I didn’t think that I’d be able to get a job in accounting with no qualifications or confidence. I was also struggling to get a job pouring beers and our backpacking money was running out fast!

You must have taken pity on me and told me to go and buy some shoes, trousers and shirts and you’d get me a job with a big 4 firm in Cairns as you knew the MD.

Anyway, the beer must have been flowing and I was amazed that you could get me a job with the big 4 – especially as I had worked for a one partner firm in the UK. It was truly the job that I dreamt about.

True to your word, you called me, and I had an interview with the MD and got the job on the graduate program (when I was 28)

I was truly grateful for what you had done for me as this had allowed me to start my career in Australia as an unqualified accountant. At worst, even if I stayed for 1 year, having a big 4 firm on my resume would open doors in the future.

I finally got myself organized and completed my degree and relocated to Adelaide in 2002. I then completed my professional qualifications, became a senior accountant, assistant manager, manager, principal and partner at my current large mid-tier firm – the largest in SA.

I owe my career path to you, for giving me the opportunity, and allowing me to break into the work force in Australia. I am truly grateful for your following me up back in 1999 and giving me the introduction.

For some reason your name just popped into my head and I thought I’d share with you my career progression and what you did for me back in 1999. I also want you to know that I am grateful to you for taking the chance on a UK backpacker.”

I love my job and helping people fulfil their career dreams, we must always remember that everyone has a story, and to treat everyone with respect.


Colin and I recently travelled in Western Queensland; the drought is still devastating in many areas. We stopped in the tiny town of Rolleston and bought a large bag of dog food from ‘Acres Rural Supplies’. We had our toy poodles with us and asked for dog food but had to quickly explain it was not for the poodles, but we wanted to drop a large working dog bag at a farm gate to let the farmers know people are thinking of them. I heard of this initiative whilst on our recent travels, to buy a bale of hay or bag of dogfood and leave it at a random farm gate. I thought it was a great practical idea, and easy for travellers to do. The store thought it was great idea and posted on their Facebook, which received some great feedback and shares. There are thousands of people travelling the outback and farming communities passing though the drought areas that can participate in this initiative, or you can donate via some of the great charities such as Buy a Bale.

News in the North

Very happy to see the PM has announced some financial assistance for our farmers. I heard some farmer are spending $6,000 per week to hand feed and many cannot hang on, most winter crops have also failed this year. 

There has been some positive economic news in the North coming on the back of some of the toughest economic conditions in history for the Townsville region over the past 6 years. The NQ Stadium and Water Pipeline are becoming a reality, as well as the 1.6 Billion Port of Townsville expansion. There is evidence of industry and the private sector investing again, demonstrating a boost in business confidence. Townsville unemployment rates are still unacceptable at 8%. The economic recovery is being boosted by the fast tracking of Federal Government investment and policy.

In FNQ we are seeing upgrades to roads and infrastructure in the city. This includes power security during the wet season and dredging of the inlet to allow for more cruises ships which is well under way. We are looking forward to the upcoming opening of the second Crystalbrook property Bailey on the back of the beautiful sister property Riley. The airport is working to secure new airlines to service our market and a delegation is heading down to Sydney to represent Cairns at a Pacific forum in a bid to secure defence, marine and aviation opportunities for the region. Unemployment in Cairns is slightly up to 5.4%.

It has been a challenging time in Queensland over recent years, just as well we are resilient, and we know that with hard work and positive attitudes our economy is recovering. It is still the most beautiful place in the world to live, on that front we are very lucky.

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